Janome Canada celebrates 30 years by giving away 30 machines

Janome has been celebrating its 30th Anniversary in Canada throughout 2008!

To cap off the party, we gave away 30 sewing machines to 30 lucky winners on the last day of the CreativFestival, October 19, 2008.

Congratulations to:
Anne G.
Kaplesh L.
Rosalina L.
Mary P.
Lucy S.
Patricia H.
Mabel C.
Marion L.
Kate D.
Brenda G.
Betty M.
Anne K.
Donna E.
Allison B.
Roberta M.
Stephanie B.
Susan S.
Vivian L.
Kaleigh O.
Lynnis R.
Marie B.
Sherry S.
Gail C.
Pauline K.
Jean K.
Gale B.
Ciara M.
Poppie J.
Andrea W.

And Special Thanks go out to A.P. R., who donated her machine to Crafting for a Cure!